Doing the Dirty (Laundry) For Cash

Posted on April 16, 2015 by Lyndsee Campbell

I know some of you are superstars in the laundry room, and for that, I am quite jealous.

You woo me with not only ability to distinguish between delicate cycle and permanent press, but also your ironing board prowess.

And you, oh domesticated one, are the one who I am talking to in this post today.

Laundry Care LLC is a company that allows laundry-savvy individuals a great way to earn extra cash by doing laundry for other people. Most of Laundry Care’s current associates are stay-at-home-parents who are doing laundry anyway, so an extra load here or there is just a fast and easy way for them to make some cash.

If this sounds like something that may interest you then please read on.

1.) Visit the Laundry Care website and check out the FAQs section.
2.) Fill out an application.
3.) Check out the supplies.
4.) Learn about their Rewards.

If you’re worried about the application, fear not. The good people at Laundry Care are just trying to separate the competent clothes washers from the people who can’t remember if it’s the hot or cold wash sets in a stain… really, they’re just saving you from me and Brian. This was Brian’s attempt at washing a knit dress of mine last week:

Which reminds me, I need to actually sign up to RECEIVE this service. That’s something you can do as well – the site is both for the washers and the washees. A great way to earn some extra money for those that have the time and a great way to get your clothes washed and folded by someone else for those that don’t have the time.

Happy washing!